Notice that we actually prime the cuts on our weatherboards and trim around the windows to create traditional stop ends and then we will install the architraves

No architraves just slapped over the boards here unfortunately a lot of the building process is covered up at the end of the day and it’s not until a few years down the track that you’ll wear the costs!

Choose an experienced builder with traditional standards and knowledge

Your home is your largest investment in life regardless if it’s for 20 years or just 5

Quality workmanship returns higher value in the end and also doesn’t cost you maintenance or a low-ball offer on resale

It can be very hard to see where the money in some quotes or builds may go and that’s understandable as all we often see with any product is the final result, with little knowledge of how it got from point A to Z!!

So with Evoke Building Group it’s about the plus ones like priming and the finishing of these windows

Some people do still build like they used to!